Lahti Venture Program is a two-month an educational program (worth 5 ECTS) during which multidisciplinary student teams seek and develop solutions for the business challenges of companies operating in the region.

Over the course of the program, the students will receive sparring and training from representatives of local companies and entrepreneurship experts alike. The program familiarizes the students with different aspects of business operations, from forming a business idea to charting customer needs and commercialising the idea.

The program culminates in the Best Business Concept competition, from which the top companies select the best ideas for further co-operation. The winning team will be awarded a monetary prize.

The program provides the students with an amazing opportunity to create contacts and networks with top companies in the region, build their path into future working life and develop their own business know-how.

The program is carried out in English. The program is designed for students of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, LUT University and the University of Helsinki.

Further information

Kaisa Vuorivirta
Lahti University Campus
050 316 0528