International Expert day helps students to explore and get interested in local companies as potential future employers. This serves mutual interest as it is also important for companies to find ways to employ international students instead of them returning to their home country after graduation.

The pilot project carried out by Häme Chamber of Commerce is driven by changes in the business world: rapidly expanding work communities, the need for international talent and increasing labor shortages. These challenges affect many companies in Häme region.


❖Get to know local businesses, work culture, and work communities.

❖Use the opportunity to introduce yourself, your skills and cultural background to employers.

❖Get useful information and new contacts for possible future internships or thesis collaborations.

❖Make your future job search easier.

❖Clarify your career goals and opportunities


During the day, participants will be able to reflect on the international skills and internship needs of a target company

Points and Reflections:

❖Meeting different cultures in Finnish workplaces

❖Need for international know-how in the company

❖Utilizing the skills of international students in various projects and assignments

❖Identifying possibilities for future collaborations

❖Employment prospects for companies


Participate by joining TAVATA and creating your profile. Arrange meetings using the platform and continue networking after the event. TAVATA is available in Finnish, English and Swedish.

❖Register and create your profile at

❖Join the event with code W4DY

❖Edit your profile for this specific event -pitch yourself!

❖Arrange meetings. You can suggest the day and discuss further timetable. You can also participate online.

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