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LUODE – Nature and the arts as a learning environment for skills young people need in working life. In this project young people are offered various activity environments where they can deepen their future work skills. The metaskills required by new forms of work, such as co-operation and interaction skills, critical thinking, creativity, and innate entrepreneurship, are learnt through methods taken from the spheres of nature, physical exercise, the arts, and entrepreneurship training. In the guidance given to young people attention is also paid to the concepts of resilience and “I-can-do-it”, which have become crucial in the debate about working life.


1) Develop measures to improve entrepreneurship training and a new kind of pedagogical action model for entrepreneurship training and its integration into all the components of the project. Acting together, the participants prepare training courses and forums dealing with the new methods for those who work with young people.

2) Organize pilot programmes involving nature, physical exercise, the arts, media and entrepreneurship training as well as programmes combining two or more of these spheres. Young people learn the metaskills needed in future working life. Drawing on the experience gained in the pilots, materials packages suitable for working life orientation are compiled.

3) Chart the parties participating in the planning of the orientation packages: pilot schools, pupil groups, pupil counsellors, as well as participating public organizations, companies and actors from the third sector.

4) Generate data on the daily life of young people, and evaluates factors affecting the pilot programmes and entrepreneurship training. It also evaluates their impact on young people’s wellbeing and life management, work and study motivation and skills, and plans for choosing an occupation.



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