Lahti University Campus

The University of Helsinki and LUT University form a science community of some 200 experts on the Lahti University Campus, which engages in multidisciplinary research of international standing and provides comprehensive education ranging from degree education to science education. The University Campus interacts with the surrounding society and promotes the region’s development through its activities.

The Lahti University Campus focuses on research and development that support the progress and improvement of urban environments and their business and industry. The environment, sustainability and entrepreneurship are topics that both universities focus on in Lahti. The Niemi Campus is at the heart of operations, housing the facilities of the University of Helsinki, LUT University, the Coordination Unit of the Lahti University Campus and LAB University of Applied Sciences.

The steering group and management group oversee cooperation on the University Campus. The Coordination Unit of the Lahti University Campus promotes practical cooperation, which is also carried out in expert groups.


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Key figures in 2020

Personnel: 228

Total volume of operations: €10.8 million

Volume of RDI projects: €5.1 million


234 Research publications

25 Bachelor’s graduates

174 Master’s graduates

8 Doctoral degrees

169 Open university students

279 Continuing education students

Annual Reviews

Lahti University Campus Annual Review 2020

Lahti University Campus Annual Review 2019 (in Finnish)

Lahti University Campus Annual Review 2018 (in Finnish)

Lahti University Campus Annual Review 2017 (in Finnish)


Niemen kampus
Niemenkatu 73 (B-osa), 15140 Lahti
Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti


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