University consortia in Finland

University consortia complement the Finnish university sector in areas featuring operations of several universities. There are six university consortia in Finland, located in Kajaani, Kokkola, Lahti, Mikkeli, Pori and Seinäjoki. In each of these locations, various universities have set up branch operations or other units, which the university consortium brings together into a competence cluster and offers the cluster a shared operating platform.

University consortia are based on a cooperation agreement concluded by all the universities involved. The common goal is to obtain synergies and strengthen the visibility, societal interaction and regional impact of university activities. In each university consortium, one of the universities holds overall responsibility for coordination. In Lahti, the University of Helsinki is the one responsible for coordination.


University consortia:

Kajaani University Consortium

Kokkola University Consortium

Lahti University Campus

Mikkeli University Consortium

Pori University Consortium

Seinäjoki University Consortium


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