Science community on the Niemi Campus

The Niemi Campus in Lahti is home to a unique science community of international standing, which is formed by some 200 experts from the University of Helsinki and LUT University. The universities offer complementary competence in the region, especially related to the research and development of urban environments and their business and industry.

Long-term cooperation with the surrounding society and its various actors forms a central part of the universities’ operations in Lahti. Cooperation has been promoted, for example, by engaging in numerous research and development projects with partners in Päijät-Häme and by introducing new education opportunities in the region.

The universities’ operations in Lahti are closely related to the operations on their other campuses. Close ties to larger operations and international expert networks enable ambitious and high-quality research, development and education activities on the Niemi Campus.

Further information

Research conducted by the University of Helsinki in Lahti and Research conducted by LUT University in Lahti

Professorships on the Niemi Campus

University of Helsinki

Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme

Tom Jilbert, Associate Professor in Aquatic Biogeochemistry
Ian MacGregor Fors, Professor of Urban Biodiversity and Ecosystems
Martin Romantschuk, Professor of Environmental Biotechnology
Heikki Setälä,  Professor of Urban Ecosystem Studies

Faculty of Arts
Arto Haapala, Professor of Aesthetics

Faculty of Social Sciences
Ilkka Pietilä, Assistant Professor

LUT University

School of Engineering Science

Professor Vesa Harmaakorpi, industrial engineering and management, especially innovation systems Assistant Professor Sami Hyrynsalmi, software engineering, especially modern software
Professor Mari Kallioinen, separation technology of bioprocessing
Professor Tuomas Koiranen, process systems in chemical engineering
Assistant Professor Rama Layek, biopolymers and their production
Assistant Professor Kristian Melin, process and plant design for bioprocessing
Professor Helinä Melkas, industrial engineering and management, especially service innovations
Professor Maria Paasivaara, empirical software engineering
Professor Timo Pihkala, management and organizations, especially entrepreneurship
Professor Hannu Rantanen, industrial engineering and management, especially industrial economics
Professor Tuomo Sainio, separation technology of bioprocessing
Professor Tuomo Uotila, innovation management

School of Energy Systems

Professor Lassi Linnanen, environmental engineering, environmental economics and environmental management
Professor Helena Kahiluoto, sustainability research, sustainability science
Assistant Professor Jarkko Levänen, sustainability science, new socio-ecological models
Assistant Professor Ville Uusitalo, sustainability, circular economy, especially transport

School of Business and Management

Professor Aino Kianto, information management
Assistant Professor Henri Hussinki, business analytics, especially analytics-based business models
Assistant Professor Jenni Sipilä, marketing, especially customer and consumer behavior in the digital environment


Niemen kampus
Niemenkatu 73 (B-osa), 15140 Lahti
Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti


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