Grant opportunities in the Lahti region

The Lahti region offers many ways to apply for grants and scholarships for education and research. The following list presents a few of them:

The national Aurora database allows you to search for Finnish funding of science and art, including both project funding and personal grants. The database contains funding opportunities announced by over 400 funders, and new information continues to be added to the service. The information in Aurora is collected directly from funders.


The purpose of the University of Helsinki Lahti Fund is to award grants, scholarships and financial contributions to support innovative and practical research, adult education and development activities that help promote the Lahti region and Päijät-Häme. Grants are awarded to students and researchers of the University of Helsinki.

The Häme Students Foundation annually awards grants and scholarships to its members.

Lahden Teollisuusseuran Säätiö is a foundation that awards grants, subsidies and special recognition prizes to promote the economic and societal development of Lahti and its surroundings.

The purpose of the PHP Foundation is to promote and support economic and social development in Päijät-Häme and to support training and research activities related to the ICT business.

The Environmental Research Foundation of Lammi Biological Station awards grants that support master’s theses completed at the Lammi Station and cover costs of doctoral dissertations.

The Foundation for Economic Education supports research in business and economics with its grants and scholarships.

The Research Foundation of Lappeenranta University of Technology awards grants and assistance for research at LUT University, such as doctoral dissertations related to the University’s education as well as master’s theses that are closely related to scientific research.

Marjatta ja Eino Kollin Säätiö is a foundation that supports scientific and applied research and development efforts by awarding grants to implementers of projects. The foundation supports individual researchers and developers as well as research and development groups.

Onni ja Hilja Tuovisen Säätiö is a foundation that supports students of technology and environmental ecology who are from the Päijät-Häme region and primarily of Karelian lineage. It also supports the research and treatment of heart illness and diabetes, children and young people in need of help and treatment and former bus drivers of Tuovisen Liikenne Oy or Lahden Liikenne Oy.

Padasjoen Säästöpankkisäätiö is a foundation that strives to promote the sound management of finances and economic education in the Päijät-Häme region. The foundation also supports the region’s dynamism, well-being and economic development, as well as fosters and preserves the traditions of savings banks. To pursue its mission, the foundation awards grants and assistance and provides financial support for research and education.

The Päijät-Häme Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation offers grants and awards to scientists and artists from the region, as well as for scientific and artistic work focusing on the region.


Lahti University Campus start up grant

Lahti University Campus offers 500 e start-up grant for master’s degree students starting their thesis.  The prerequisite is that master thesis is planned and launched in co-operation with a company or organization in the Lahti region. The start-up grant is intended for the planning and contact phase of the thesis.

The funding can be used, for example, for trips to Lahti, planning, contacting business life. The Lahti University Campus can offer help with contacting companies.

Applications form Next deadlines for applications is  17th  of September 2021 and 18th of March 2022. Decision will be made no later than 2 weeks after deadline.

Further information expert Kaisa Vuorivirta, p. 050 3160528



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