If you are an entrepreneur, you can benefit from the academic services available in Lahti. LUT University and the University of Helsinki are active in the city and provide services both regionally and nationwide. In addition to the two universities’ services, you have access to the support offered by the Coordination Unit of the Lahti University Campus.

The broad-based scientific research conducted by the universities provides opportunities for multidisciplinary and multisectoral cooperation. This may take the form of research cooperation, cooperation in funding applications, larger or smaller development projects or the commercialisation of innovations. The universities also provide education as a basis for corporate development, as well as continuous learning services.

Companies can benefit from the competence of university students by commissioning various study-related tasks that provide companies with new information and knowledge and allow them to get acquainted with potential new employees. Examples of such tasks include practical assignments, theses, part-time work, summer jobs and project work.


Find the right contact – The Coordination Unit of the Lahti University Campus at your service

If you are unsure who to contact, you can always call or send a message to the Coordination Unit of the Lahti University Campus. We will point you in the right direction and find a suitable contact for your needs. Contact information


Build networks and gain visibility at the universities

Universities organise a variety of networking events, seminars, excursions and company projects in Lahti. You can take part in a seminar, expert lecture or networking activities, make a speech or give a presentation of your company’s operations. Your company can also host a group of visiting students or showcase itself as a potential partner or employer.

Please consult the calendar of events on our website or our Facebook page for further information about our current events. 

CASE: Match Made in Lahti: Meet the universities’ future professionals at our recruiting event


Boost from research cooperation – university services to companies

The universities’ research services help you and your company. You can, for example, commission a research project or become a partner in one of our collaborative research or development projects.  The universities’ activities cover nearly all disciplines, ranging from engineering to arts and from business to social sciences.

The University of Helsinki’s eleven faculties and other research-oriented units provide companies and communities with countless opportunities for cooperation. Read more

Employing its competence in technology and business, LUT University seeks solutions for clean energy, water and air. Several research and development projects involving the city, companies and other partners are currently under way in Lahti. Read more

CASE: Research turns algae into cosmetics


Boost from continuing education

Continuing education offers your personnel practical, research-based training and coaching to help develop both individuals and organisations.

Open university education is based on university degree requirements and is open to all. It is organised as both contact and online teaching. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are also open to all and can be a useful option for companies. They allow participants to complete courses at their own pace.

LUT University provides several master’s programmes in Lahti, many of which can be pursued alongside work.

Further information about the education provided in the Lahti region

Read more about our education:

Lifelong education services of the University of Helsinki (open university and continuing education, MOOCs)

Continuing education provided by LUT University

Degree education provided by LUT University in Lahti

Free courses offered by LUT University and other Finnish universities of technology, available through the FITech network university

CASE: Open university studies encouraged entrepreneurial activities 

CASE: Innovative sauna goes international with the support of education


Support for commercialising innovations

LUT University’s Green Campus Open and Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd (HIS), owned by the University of Helsinki, help build bridges between the business world and researchers, as well as turn research results into commercial products.

CASE: Algonomi produces valuable microalgae from industrial effluents


Find a new talent: a student or recent graduate

Please contact the universities if you wish to recruit trainees or summer workers, have a proposal for a thesis topic or wish to find a suitable employee for your company or project.

To post an announcement seeking a university student for a traineeship, employment or a thesis project, please use the Aarresaari service common to all universities. You can target your search to focus on, for example, a specific region, university or discipline. Read more about the Aarresaari service.

Companies can also participate in various contests and projects in which groups of students solve challenges that companies are dealing with. These contexts provide the opportunity to create valuable contacts and develop your company from a new perspective.

In Lahti, collaborative events of this kind include the Lahti Venture Program organised in the autumn.

Read more about the universities’ recruiting and thesis project services:

Employer services at the University of Helsinki

Recruitment services at LUT University

CASE: Master’s thesis helped develop process management

CASE: Lahti Venture Program offered Muovijaloste Oy a channel to communicate with future decision-makers, customers and new employees


Purchase technical services and laboratory work

The universities’ research infrastructures, such as laboratory and analytical services, as well as measurement and testing services are also available to companies.

Technical services at LUT University

The University of Helsinki runs the Environmental Laboratory in Lahti. The laboratory, located on the Lahti Environmental Campus, focuses on research and development and offers facilities for diverse chemical, biological, microbiological and molecular biological analyses. Read more

The Soilia soil research centre, in turn, is located in Jokimaa. The first pilot-scale soil research centre in the Nordic countries, Soilia offers a unique environment and real-world conditions for conducting basic scientific research on soil, sediments, groundwater and surface water, carrying out applied research required by companies for their product development efforts, as well as carrying out development of new remediation procedures. Read more

Read more about the research infrastructure services offered by the University of Helsinki


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