Lahti University Campus provides seed funding to University of Helsinki and LUT University staff for the preparation of RDI projects with strong linkage to the Lahti area and for the preparation of joint teaching in the area.

The aim of seed funding is to increase multidisciplinary research and cooperation on the Lahti University Campus by providing additional resources for the most uncertain phase of the project work, preparation.

Funding can be granted for

  • Preparation of RDI projects. Projects may also include other partners.
  • Preparation of educational cooperation between University of Helsinki and LUT University. The planned teaching can be organized in Lahti or online.

Funding can be used for

  • Salaries and travel expenses.
  • Enhancement of international cooperation.

Priority will be given to

  • University of Helsinki and LUT University joint applications.
  • Projects that aim for international funding (EU projects for example) or Academy of Finland funding.
  • Projects that create significant new cooperation (regional networks and strong partnerships for example).


  • RDI project that aims for international or Academy of Finland funding: max 20 000 euros.
  • RDI project that aims for national funding or educational cooperation: max 10 000 euros.

How to apply

To apply for funding, submit an application (free form) to Minna-Maija Salomaa, Secretary General of Lahti University Campus. Applications are accepted throughout the year. The application must indicate the intended main source of funding, the initial idea, and the participating organizations. For collaborative projects the applicants submit a single application. Don’t hesitate to contact us before submitting your application.

Evaluating and awarding

Lahti University Campus board processes applications four times a year.

Funding received for activities in the application year must be invoiced in full by November of the year of award.

It is also possible to apply and get funding for next year’s activities.

More information

Minna-Maija Salomaa, Secretary General of Lahti University Campus

+358 50 595 8953