The People and Planet: from Theory to Solutions – towards Transformations conference looks for solutions to improve human and environmental well-being. The program for the conference, which will take place in Lahti, Finland, on 13-15 February 2024, has just been published and registration is now open.

Planetary health refers to the interdependence between human well-being and the state of the environment. The major problems of our time are related to complex, interconnected, and interrelated crises: climate change, biodiversity loos and the rise of certain diseases. Megatrends such as digitalization and ageing populations bring their own challenges and opportunities. Science-based system-level solutions are essential for a successful and sustainable transition.

The People and Planet conference program is built on the premise that the challenges are shared and can only be solved together. Scientists, experts, and clinicians will come to Lahti to discuss issues such as tomorrow’s leadership, urban planning, the impact of nature on health, sustainable consumption, mobility, and the possibilities technology can bring to preventive healthcare.

– Solutions to big challenges are often made up of many smaller pieces. You need knowledge, but you also need the will to act. A gratifyingly large number of people seem to think this way, as we received many submissions despite the short deadline,” says conference coordinator Marju Prass.

Environment and health are linked in many of the conference presentations:

Senior researcher Jenni Lehtimäki (Finnish Environment Institute) examines the link between the amount or diversity of natural land cover and children’s health, particularly asthma, ADHD, autism, and atopic dermatitis.

Professor Hans Orru (University of Tartu) asks what unequal access to green spaces mean in terms of life expectancy and external health costs.

Project manager Liisa Vänttinen (University of Helsinki) will present research and knowledge-based tools that can be used to ensure more equitable access and opportunities for different population groups to enjoy physical spaces.

Architect Ruth Gow (Bax & Company) will present a new free tool, the Healthy Cities Generator, which can be used to examine the impact of urban planning on health.

The conference will take place in Lahti, Finland, on 13-15 February 2024. The program has been published and registration is now open for all interested participants.

Lahti University Campus, the City of Lahti and the Wellbeing services county of Päijät-Häme are organizing the congress in cooperation with international and national partners. The event is linked to the regional health and environment program “A Natural Step to Health 2022-2032”.

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