Lahti University Campus’ strategy was announced at the Lahti Science Day evening celebration on 21 November 2023.The strategy is based on the University Consortium agreement between the University of Helsinki, LUT University and the City of Lahti. The aim is to provide a shared vison for regional university activities and cooperation.

The vision of the “Stronger Together” strategy is to create sustainable ecosystems and synergies through collaboration. Three strategic means are emphasized: close and innovative cooperation between universities, commitment to long-term partnerships with stakeholders and active participation in the regional discussion.

Lahti University Campus is one of the six university consortia in Finland. It was founded in 2004. University consortia aim to obtain synergies and strengthen the visibility, societal interaction and regional impact of university activities within their area. Today, two universities, the University of Helsinki and LUT University, operate in Lahti.

– Lahti’s scientific community is growing and diversifying every year. This opens up new opportunities for cooperation. Impactful research requires proactivity and open-mindedness, but also a shared vision and a planned approach. This was an excellent moment to update our common vision, describe Janne Hokkanen, Strategy Director at LUT University and Jussi Karvinen, Director of Planning at the University of Helsinki.

The Lahti University Campus Board prepared the new strategy together with Minna-Maija Salomaa, Secretary General of the University Campus, during 2023. The work included consultation with the University of Helsinki and LUT University staff in Lahti and stakeholders.

The completed strategy takes into account the strategies of the universities, the City of Lahti and the region. The common interface is found in the theme of sustainability.

High-quality research, teaching and science education at universities and active cooperation with other actors strengthen the vitality of the region in many ways. Skill-level of the citizens rises as well as well-being in the region. The sustainable solutions produced can be scaled up to an international scale.

The implementation of the new strategy will really get underway in 2024. Work has already started in the University Campus Coordination Unit, which is tasked with increasing the regional impact of universities. The Coordination Unit acts as a common service unit for the universities, providing communication, services and advocacy as well as organising events and activities.

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