LUT University and international students’ guild Aether organize an event that focuses on company presentations, recruiting, and summer jobs. The event is held in Lahti Campus on December 13, 2022 from 1pm to 4pm. Companies from Lahti area are now welcome to register as presenters.

LUT University is growing fast in Lahti. Currently there are almost a thousand students. Most of them study software development. More information about the students below.

LUT Career Expo is looking for companies from Lahti area who are interested in presenting their operations and recruitment opportunities as well as their summer job and internship positions or thesis opportunities.

Companies can register for a stand in the fair, a short speech, or both. The event is held in English.

The event is free for the exhibitors and speakers.

Please register by November 30th.

Registrations and inquiries:  tel. 0408676559 tel. 0503016847

LUT Career Spark

LUT has several international Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Lahti. In addition to Finnish students, they have have lots of international students. To offer the international students a chance to get to know Finnish job markets, LUT offers support for the employers hiring them: 1200e-1800e for an internship and 2200e per student for a thesis.

Offer a job for an international student and read more about the Career Spark financial support on LUT website

LUT Lahti students

  • 150 students in the Software and Systems Engineering bachelor program, of which 50 are in their second year of studies. Most have learned Python, Java, and C programming language and are capable of designing user interface using Flutter. Some also have skills in data analytics, database tools (SQL), front-end/back-end/full-stack web development, and mobile development. 
  • 80 students in Energy Technology, of which around 30 are in their second year of studies. Most have learned Python, Matlab and SolidWorks. They are capable of analyzing different energy systems and their applications, using different measurement tools used in the energy industry, and writing reports in a laboratory environment. Students have a good foundation in mathematics, mechanics, and thermodynamics. 
  • 30 students in Industrial Engineering and Management. All are in their first year.
  • 40 students in each of the master’s program for the 2022 intake. Around 40-60 student per each of the eight Master’s programmes that are taught in the Lahti Campus. The Master’s programme covers disciplines from Circular Economy, Energy Systems and Electric Transportation Systems, Industrial Design Engineering, Knowledge Management, and Software Product Management.

Second-year bachelor’s and master’s students are looking for internships and thesis work assignments. All students are looking forward to networking opportunities and long-term professional relationships with companies in Finland.