Lahti – your city too?

Lahti is a developing university city and  European Green Capital 2021. Lahti is a pioneer in carbon neutrality and there are many interesting companies located in Lahti.

Could you find a partner in the Lahti region for your master’s thesis?

We offer 500 euro start-up grant for master’s degree students starting their theses.  The prerequisite is that the thesis is planned and launched in co-operation with a company or organization in the Lahti region or it has some other value to Lahti area.

The start-up grant is intended for the planning and contact phase of the thesis. During it, the intention is not to get the master’s degree done, but to get it boosted, with Lahti twist!

The funding can be used, for example, for trips to Lahti, planning, contacting business life. The Lahti University Campus can offer help with contacting companies.


Please fill in this form, deadline for applications is 2nd of March 2022

 The decision on the start-up money will be no later than 15th of March. We reserve the right to select the best applicants.

Next application period September 2022

If you are awarded a start-up grant, we will at some point make a story of you on the Lahti University Campus website, social media channels and newsletter.

Further information:

specialist Kaisa Vuorivirta, Lahti University Campus
+38 50 316 0528

secretary general Minna-Maija Salomaa, Lahti University Campus
+358 50 595 8953

The Niemi Campus in Lahti is home to a unique science community of international standing, which is formed by some 200 experts from the University of Helsinki and LUT University. The universities offer complementary competence in the region, especially related to the research and development of urban environments and their business and industry.