The Lahti University Campus gave start-up grants to Master’s degree students in the autumn of 2021. Mukesh Basnet was one of these students. The purpose of the funding is that the master’s thesis is planned in cooperation with a company or organization in the Lahti region or the thesis is otherwise useful to the region.

Mukesh Basnet is a master’s student at LUT University, his thesis work is in progress. The topic of thesis is “Circular Economy in Brewery with Agritech Solutions”. This thesis is done for the Finnish start-up biotech company Redono Oy. The company has developed Biofeed system (Agritech solution) where brewery side streams (wastewater) is recycled to produce liquid fertilizer which can be utilized to cultivate hops in indoor hydroponic system. Mukesh has completed most part of the literature review and he is in calculation process and searching the possible case example (brewery from Lahti) for thesis work.