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HY – LUT Partnership

Cooperation with Universities of Applied Sciences

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HY – LUT partnership

Lahti University Campus implements a strategic partnership between HY and LUT. Collaboration produces complementary know-how and high-quality research and teaching. Universities strive for close, long-term and tangible, research-based, cooperation that is built on creating added value and mutual trust.

Universities have complementary expertise in environmental issues, particularly in the natural sciences and engineering sciences. Topics covered are the environment and sustainable development, including social, cultural and economic sustainability.

Together, universities want to strengthen the city of Lahti as a city of experts and students, and to collaborate effectively and promote entrepreneurship.



Cooperation with Universities of Applied Sciences

The universities in Lahti University Campus and the universities of applied sciences operating in the area form a community of higher education in Lahti, which has a long tradition of cooperation. Practical cooperation began with the work of the higher education task force, founded in 1996.

Institutions of higher education promote the strengthening of business cooperation, student entrepreneurship and the emergence of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. Institutions of higher education are actively involved in building a bold environmental city and a smart region spearheaded by circular economy, design and tourism. Revision of expertise is supported by the introduction and development of digital pedagogy.

Institutions of higher education communicate, organize events and provide common services together. These include the university library, services in exams, information and advising as well as website. A lot of the work with interest groups is also done in collaboration. The goal of network-based collaboration is to strengthen the region’s vitality and growth and to support the region’s internationalization.

Institutions of education have their own statutory tasks. With good cooperation, universities can best serve the surrounding society and achieve synergies that benefit everyone.



Regional cooperation

Lahti University Campus is an active partner in regional networks. The forms of cooperation are diverse: project activities, development of expertise, business promotion, internationalization, and events.

The City of Lahti is a contracting party to the University Campus in addition to the University of Helsinki, LUT University and Aalto University. Practical cooperation includes all of the city’s service areas.

The University Campus has extensive cooperation with Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

Other partners include:

Hämeen ELY-keskus
Hämeen kauppakamari
Hämeen TE-toimisto 

Lahden Seudun Kehitys LADEC Oy 
Lahti Region Oy
Lahden Teollisuusseura ry

Päijät-Hämeen kesäyliopisto
Päijät-Hämeen liitto 
Päijät-Hämeen Yrittäjät 



Business cooperation and promotion of entrepreneurship

Universities have various roles as partners in business competitiveness, growth, and internationalization operations. Cooperation is often project-based. Funders include universities, companies, municipalities, the EU, Business Finland, the Academy of Finland, and regional financiers.

Businesses can work with universities in:

  • Long-term business development partnerships or individual projects
  • Companies’ own research programs requiring external expertise
  • Commissioned research
  • Funding research and monitoring results
  • Seminars and other events
  • Theses, internships, and recruiting professionals
  • Training programs
  • Internationalization.

The university campus, together with its partners, organizes excursions to Lahti. On these excursions, students from Helsinki and Lappeenranta can get to know the companies and other communities in Lahti and the service offering in the area. The aim is to disseminate information about the possibilities of employment or becoming an entrepreneur, and to introduce future experts to businesses wanting to recruit skilled people.


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