International Master´s programme by University of Helsinki interested applicants

Fourteen new students, from various countries including Finland, Estonia, Germany, China, the USA and Canada, will start their studies in the Master’s degree programme in Multidsciplinary Studies on Urban Environmental Issues (MURE).

A total of 66 applications were received to the programme from all over the world. The selected students have a good, appropriate Bachelor’s degree from foreign or Finnish institution. The three Finns and 11 foreign students have expressed their interest in a variety of issues related to urbanization, such as sustainable urban planning, urban green spaces, urban energy, climate change, landscape analysis and urban storm waters.

Together with the two-year programme a minor called Urban Ecosystem Ecology (25 credits) will be organised. Thus, students from other programmes and majors are able to receive the latest knowledge on urban ecology.

Students are encouraged to take the minor called Materials and the Environment (25 cr), organised by Tampere University of Technology. Lappeenranta University of Technology also arranges related courses in English in Lahti. Some of the courses are also available to the Open University or continuing education.

The integration and guidance of new students is one of the common interests of higher education organisations in Lahti. The University of Helsinki and Lahti University of Applied Sciences will organize an orientation week and other student services in collaboration.

Another example of cooperation is the renewed web service.

Students will start their Orientation Course on Monday the 3rd of Sep 2012. Teaching will start on Monday the 10th of Sep at the Environmental Campus at Niemenkatu in Lahti.

For more information, please contact:

Coordinating University Lecturer Kirsi Kuoppamäki kirsi.kuoppamaki(at), Tel +358 50 3160572
UrbanEnviro Project Manager Eira Rosberg, Tel +358 50 317 5427

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