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Friday Colloquium: “War on Algae”

6.2.2015 klo 10:15 - 12:00

Niemi Campus, lecture hall 1
Dr Suzanne Levine will give a presentation on The Eutrophication Dilemma

UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI, Department of Environmental Sciences

Friday Colloquium on 10.15 at lecture hall 1 Niemi Campus

Dr Suzanne Levine: “War on Algae” (see short abstract as an attachment)



The Eutrophication Dilemma. Sequel to the October presentation “War on Algae”.

In the 1970s, limnologists had victory in sight for the War of Algae. Communities that diverted municipal sewage away from eutrophic water bodies or reduced its P contents through extra treatment steps or the banning of phosphate-based detergents would starve extant algal biomass and bring about water clarity. Substantial lake restoration followed, yet by century’s end, the tide turned. The incidence of eutrophication in lakes and now the coastal ocean has never been greater. What went wrong? This lecture explores competing and complementary hypotheses, providing as context for the initiative evidence of major changes in Earth’s surface biogeochemistry and biological structure since 1950. We may be living in a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene, where normal is no longer the reference conditions we strive to regain.

Further information:

Rauni Strömmer, Professor, Soil Ecology
Niemenkatu 73 FIN 15140 Lahti FINLAND

Phone: +358 2941 20313



10:15 - 12:00