Lahti Science Day 2011 photo Anne Antila

The 10th Lahti Science Day at Fellmannia, Kirkkokatu 27

27th November 2012

9:00 - 10:10 Opening words by Rector Outi Kallioinen (Lahti University of Applied Sciences) and other opening speeches by Professor Mikael Fogelholm, (University of Helsinki), Professor Timo Kairesalo (UH) and Director Päivi Starckjohann (LUAS), will be held in Finnish

Presentations, which will be held in English (times are not necessarily precise):

10:40 Sanna Pekkola: Systemic Performance Measurement in Service Sector
At the session Innovaatiotoiminta ja organisaatioiden kehittäminen (Innovations and development of organizations)

11:40 Brian Oldenburg: Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and its Complications: How the GOAL (Ikihyvä) Project has had a Global Impact?
At the session Ikihyvä Päijät-Häme 10th anniversary symposium

11:40 Laura Sundqvist: CHANGE WE NEED - Reshaping Learning Interventions and Talent Development in an Educational Organization
At the session Oppiminen ja osaamisen kehittäminen (Learning and knowledge development)

11:40 Merjo Laine: Carbon and Nitrogen Discharge in Pristine and Drained Peat Profiles in Response to Water Table Fluctuations
At the session Ympäristötutkimus (Environmental research)

13:25 Suvi Konsti-Laakso: R&D Strategies for Olive Mill Waste Water Issue: Findings from Project STinno
At the session Ympäristö ja liiketoiminta (Environment and business)

13:50 Jiri Kadlec and Ahsan Feroz: Design of Map Application for Evaluating Urban Runoff Sources in Lahti
At the session Ympäristö ja liiketoiminta (Environment and business)

14:10 Anna Pajari and Suvi Sivén: Competence Requirements Concerning Sustainable Development in  Finnish Logistics Centres – Case: Southern Finnish Logistics Centres
At the session Ympäristö ja liiketoiminta (Environment and business)

15:00 - 16:00 Closing session by Minister Alexander Stubb "Think Global – Act Local" will be held in Finnish

Posters are presented during the lunch break at Fellmannia lobby

Lahti Science Day