StarT invites all schools, kindergartens, extracurricular activity groups, and families as well as other interested institutions and groups, including the media, to take part in sharing the joy of collaborative learning. StarT is for everyone around the world, welcome along!

StarT is organized by the LUMA Centre Finland

The owner and main implementer of the project is the LUMA Centre Finland. StarT is organized together with other LUMA centres in the network, sponsors, and other collaboration partners.

StarT is a long-term project; from 2016 onwards it will be an important part of the yearly action plan of LUMA Centre Finland. We need more positive experiences of collaborative learning also in the future!

StarT promotes interdisciplinary collaborative learning

The primary objective of StarT is to implement a new, interdisciplinary and collaborative StarT way of working and thinking, that emphasizes project-based learning and active collaboration within the learning community.

StarT combines inquiry-based learning, integrative learning, and phenomenon-based learning. It promotes the use of modern technology as well as that of other learning environments outside of school. StarT also supports an interest-driven approach to science and mathematics.

StarT supports girls’ interest towards science, technology and mathematics through creative working methods and contexts that students find fascinating.

The joy of interdisciplinary innovations all around the world

The project aims to increase the joy of innovation and learning across subject boundaries. It encourages proactive, creative and innovative collaboration between different groups, individuals, and schools from all around the world.

By inviting also other countries to take part, we increase global interaction and bring people together for a great cause. Schools and kindergartens world-wide can also invite their international partner schools from other countries to participate in StarT!

StarT hopes to achieve children’s enhanced understanding of one’s home country as well as other cultures; this will result in increased tolerance and bring people from all around the world closer to each other.

Project-based learning: collaboration and creativity

The StarT project promotes courageous experimentation and interdisciplinary project-based learning. The StarT way of thinking and doing supports schools in their development into active learning communities.

In StarT the integration of arts and sciences is promoted, for example through drama in the form science theatre. The projects and creations in StarT involve combining natural sciences, mathematics, and technology with other disciplines including music, visual arts, drama, and sports.

For more information and ideas for project-work see in general about project work.

StarT: levels of implementation

There are four levels on which StarT is implemented. Please note that only some levels are applicable to participants from outside of Finland.

1. Local level: kindergartens, primary schools, high schools, and extracurricular activity groups participating in StarT
2. Regional level: StarT festivals organized all around Finland by the Finnish LUMA centers together with local partners (does not apply to non-Finnish participants)
3. National level: the board of the Finnish LUMA center organizes the StarT-gala, where teams chosen by the StarT jury are awarded
4. International level: also non-Finnish teams participating in StarT are awarded in the StarT-gala

StarT events: sharing and learning

Learning communities participating in StarT are encouraged to organize StarT-fairs, where the student teams can share their projects and ideas with others. The fair can be an event of any size: some learning communities might choose to share their ideas within their own learning community, whereas others might invite neighbouring schools, parents and local actors to come see their projects.