Lahti University Campus –universities working together


The universities operating on the Lahti University Campus provide teaching and conduct multidisciplinary research of international standing. The University Campus interacts with the wider community and promotes regional development.

The Lahti University Campus specialises in research and development that support the growth and progress of urban environments and related business and industry. The themes shared by the universities in Lahti include the environment and sustainability as well as entrepreneurship.

Member universities are:

Aalto University

University of Helsinki

LUT University


Key figures and operations of the Lahti University Campus in 2017

€9.1 million in funding

119 staff members and 11 professorships


–       21 bachelor’s graduates

–       103 master’s graduates (incl. MSc in Technology graduates)

–       7 doctoral graduates

151 Open University students

554 continuing education students

158 research publications

Review of the Lahti University Campus for 2017 (link)

The steering group and executive committee of the Lahti University Campus are responsible for cooperation on the Campus. Day-to-day operations are coordinated by the Coordination Unit of the University Campus, headed by the secretary general. A cooperation group assists the Coordination Unit.

The Coordination Unit of the Lahti University Campus is responsible for the communication, service and lobbying duties of the partner universities. It brings together people, stakeholders and organisations and creates cooperative networks.

Project “LUODE – Nature and the arts as a learning environment for skills young people need in working life” is also  part of the university campus activities. 



Contact information

Senja Jouttimäki Secretary General, M.Sc.
mobile +358 50 595 8953
e-mail: senja.jouttimaki(at)

Mari Merenluoto Expert
mobile  +358 50 321 3333
e-mail: mari.merenluoto(at) 

Ilmari Pirkkamaa Expert
mobile  +358 50 465 5468
e-mail: ilmari.pirkkamaa(at)

Kaisa Vuorivirta Expert
mobile  +358 05 3160528
e-mail: kaisa.vuorivirta(at) 

Lahti University Campus

Niemi Campus, Niemenkatu 73 (B section), 15140 Lahti
Tietoportti, Saimaankatu 11, 15140 Lahti